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Star=Ginni Thomas, Anita Hill; Runtime=116 Minutes; year=2020; Rating=8,6 of 10 star; countries=USA; audience Score=38 votes. Amazing man. Dude's clearly a narcissistic sociopath. After nearly 30 years, Judge Thomas' speech there is the best I can was great then, and is even more relevant now! GOD BLESS HIM! 🇺🇸. Here we go again. 2018 style... The man's voice is just awesome. I want him to read some audiobooks. Thomas is one the worst of our country. Check his record over the years. He votes according to Scalia. Check into his conflicts of interests. He's absolutely correct. Wait. What? Isn't this Joe Biden's opening statement. Why does it state that Christine Ford's accusations are credible? And, Kavenaugh is guilty without any evidence? Oh. wait. Never mind. Just. y'know. Joe? Just shut up.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Wordsmovie villain…. Thank you Laura for this interview of one of our last greatest Justices. I so admire and trust Justice Thomas. Video starts at 18:03. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in (HDRip.


She's an extremely brave woman coming forward in front of so many people like that. I doubt I would be strong enough. I love him and pray for him, a true giant of our time, his impact on the country is hugely positive and will be recognized in due time. Easily one of the finest intellects in American history. Anita Hill's accusations have been discredited multiple times. It was one big lie. Truly, one of the greatest and most important speeches ever given before a committee of any government. Speaks so many facts that we know to be true. How his wife (in the background) held it together during this, God only knows.

Great man. My anxiousness level is through the roof. I can't wait. By minute 25:00 this film got me hooked. Watch it. P.s. Pro or Con it this film is a good story. Finally, I get to hear something from Clarence Thomas. He was and still is my favorite supreme court justice because of his decisions and his character. I hope Roe v. Wade gets revisited and this time they get it right. Sorry our Gophers put Nebraska in their place this year, but not really.

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